Testimonials from some of our customers, and guides.


Just wanted to let you know I have been using your Chum Paddle for a month now. Besides a cast net to catch the bait, this is the single best thing I have found to help catch snapper, It has turned many good fishing days into excellent fishing days with snapper balling up behind my boat. Just wanted to let you know how well your product has worked for me! Product and customer service top notch, thanks so much!

Matthew Chin


The 22 lb., aluminum fluke anchor works perfectly. Unlike my plow anchor, the SeaClaw has an immediate set even with short drops (Egmont, Jewfish Key, Beer Can Island, etc.), which is exactly what I was looking for.

Many thanks,
Tim Lehman
Hummer Spearfishing Team
33' Concorde Sportfish


The anchor is working great! In deep water (320-340') with 20' of 5/8" chain. It held tight on every shallower spot we hit (160-240').

Took it to Bimini last week for 5 days. On the hard rocky / limestone bottom that is there- it worked flawless. The shallow sandy stuff- I don't think I really needed any chain, it dug right in. The weight of the anchor on this model is proving to be the right one for the size and vessel tonnage. I am very pleased with this product and would gladly recommend this anchor.

Thank you for the opportunity,
Kyle L. Eldridge
REEL NAUTI Fishing Team


Thanks for a great product at a great price. Pound for pound, the best holding anchor on the market. It is versatile and reliable. Keep up the good work!

Arthur Valadie
MD Holmes Beach, FL

Just wanted to say thanks to Allen and Sea Claw Anchors they have put out a solid product that just works, this anchor will take care of any needs whether anchoring in the shallows or deep water you can be assured the sea claw anchor will hold. Don't let your old anchor fail you when you are either anchored and catching fish or catching bait use a sea claw and feel confident that your anchor wont pull and drift you off your fishing or bait spot. I really depend on my sea claw anchor when I have clients on board catching fish and not having to worry about it being to windy or rough.

Capt. Scott Townsend


I have to tell you how impressed I am with your new Aluminum Seaclaw Anchor. Its feather light weight makes it an ease to use as I troll mangrove shore lines and shoals stalking fish; a stop and go procedure that used to wear me out with the old fashioned Danforth and a chain. At only 6 lbs, its design “HOLDS TIGHT” in grass, sand or hard bottom without the need for a chain. I like it so much I went and bought the 12 lb stainless steel version you have for my off shore trips. With the reverse hook-up option, I know I’m going to be able to back the anchor out should it get stuck on the bottom. Thanks again for a great product.

Lee Heineman
Holmes Beach, Florida

"This anchor sticks in any seas and any type of bottom. I like to say just set it in the water and forget it. Best anchor I have ever used!"

Captain Allan Engel


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